The term podcasting derives its name from Apple's iPod, but to create a podcast or even to listen to one, you need not own an iPod, or any portable music player for that matter. In a nutshell, podcasting is a type of on-line media delivery. The author publishes selected audio files via the Internet and allows his or her users to subscribe via an RSS feed to automatically receive new podcasts. Podcasting enables the author to create syndicated on-line talkshows or radio programs, with content of your choosing. While blogs have turned a multitude of bloggers into journalists, podcasting has the potential to turn podcasters into radio personalities.

I doubt that educators would have ever extrapolated that their lessons could have ever reached a global audience with such celerity as with the dynamic content that podcasting has to offer. Foreign language teachers should embrace the opportunity to engage students with authentic communication in the target language which challenges both receptive and productive language skills. Meanwhile, foreign language learners are now empowered with an unprecedented highly mobile multimedia platform that provides countless contact hours of reviewable material either on or off-line.

Podcasting has arrived with the potential to rewrite the rules for engaging content-rich media. Podcasting's most distinctive quality lies in the capacity to time-shift the consumption of digital content. Users can grab and tote their favorite shows, then listen while commuting, exercising or doing chores. Off-line consumers are still accessible through podcasters and hence advertisers are examining whether to sponsor podcasts that cater to homogeneous groups of listeners likely to use their products. Likewise, corporations have begun exploring the notion of using podcasts to push training programs.

Here, I provide thematic listening resources in given contexts to promote improvement in the target language. As I strive to provide not only the highest caliber of language learning materials, I also hope to implement opportunities for my on-line students' professional development. I venture on an endeavor to interview subject matter experts in multiple fields in order to enable my students to take advantage of accelerated foreign language proficiency growth while cultivating business skills for operating in a global community. Career advancement through higher education is a reality that my on-line school students have to deal with since employers are more than willing to offer an increased salary, responsibilites, and further benefits to motivated business professionals. Follow my example and heed my advice.