Yangpu Economic Development Zone, Industry and Commerce Administration Bureau

Around the same latitude as that of southern Cuba, Yangpu is located in a peninsula situated in the northwestern corner of Hainan, a tropical island and province belonging to the People's Republic of China. Preferential policies enacted by the central and surrounding provincial governments reflect both the regional and global market's demand for renovation in addition to intensification of technological applications and exploitation of natural resources, enabling Yangpu Economic Development Zone's establishment. After working full-time on weekdays, selected members of the Industry and Commerce Administration Bureau along with collaborating governmental agencies will attend one of multiple evening courses to improve their comprehension and production of the English language.

According to the Chinese Embassy in Washington, D.C. , the United States of America violated international law by allowing a US military reconnaissance aircraft to land on Hainan Island without permission from local governing authorities, which proposedly gave way to the death of a Chinese military pilot after an unexpected air collision, forcing urgent diplomatic consultations in addition to several negotiations between the two concerned nations. Afterwards, both presidents from each country issued formal letters followed by official speeches to the international community concerning the current national stance on the matter. An official spokesperson from the Chinese Embassy reports "... that the US has resumed sending its military reconnaissance planes to conduct spy flights off [the] Chinese coast." Regardless of cross cultural misunderstanding between the two countries, a greater knowledge of both nations' life ways and customs along with their corresponding languages will only increase the possibility of a more positive outcome for living in a global society.

For all class members, regardless of ability level in the target language, to augment their lexicon by five hundred words while developing an improved understanding about the International Phonetic Alphabet in addition to English grammar paradigms along with their pragmatic applications in a business oriented society where English is the medium of communication while taking into account the host organization's mission.

Through analytical readings of different age groups and developing cognitive skills, multiple levels of media in the form of written text will be examined in addition to investigating spoken language on-site to accurately assess the level of my future class' English language proficiency. Upon seeing firsthand available resources and existing classroom conditions, another estimate of the situation will be related to the appropriate contracting authority. Every possible attempt will be made to place the following project on the local server within Yangpu's central government to enable continued access to materials discussed and covered in daily sessions. Corresponding ramifications of the research will enable teachers of ESL/ EFL to bring students to an understanding of the importance of honed productive language skills in a professional environment and neutralize opposition from outside the target language. Furthermore, flexibility throughout this course in regards to materials covered in addition to the pace of instruction are to facilitate the learners' progress while ensuring that the aforementioned objective statement maintains its validity.

Note: Upon course completion, students are highly encouraged to further pursue their studies in English. Both verbal and written feedback about course performance will be provided to the student and kept on record for future evaluation. Letters of recommendation for outside institutions are also provided upon request.