Mission Statement

Full Immersion Virtual Classroom is dedicated to promoting, facilitating, and honoring the enhancement of the teaching and learning of primarily Spanish and English as a foreign language. Our concerns include the pragmatic applications of the target language in real-world settings; on the belief that a sustained and intensive exploration of another language prepares students to think critically and act meaningfully through all facets of daily life. Throughout a diverse curriculum, we aim to foster heightened awareness of the ordinary and extraordinary uses of language.

Moreover, we also nurture students' desire to learn and think effectively while simultaneously expressing themselves in a clear and concise manner, instilling the habit of analytical and reflective thought in addition to imparting an awareness of their abilities through multicultural surroundings.


These ambitions have been divided into external and internal aspirations:

  1. External goals relate to students' use of language outside the classroom: traveling about using the target language in shops and trains, reading books in another language, attending lectures in a different country or surviving as refugees in unfamiliar surroundings.

  2. Internal goals relate to students' mental development as individuals; as thinking patterns may differ, students approach language by different angles. Traditional language teaching often heightens students' cultural awareness, allowing them to become better societal members.


  • Engage student learning and enhance improvement in the target language.
  • Actively promote effective teaching and learning techniques.
  • Explore and disseminate new initiatives that influence teaching and learning.
  • Ameliorate efforts to maintain student growth and retention.

Overview of Administrative Procedures

Full Immersion Virtual Classroom welcomes students from all over the world and we extend a special invitation to exceptional students to join and participate in our on-line organization which allows students from different cultures to further augment their existing professional networks while improving their collaboration skills. Ultimately, the invitation letter encourages students to continue with the administrative process towards course enrollment.

The Membership Registration Form is the primary means to solicit basic student information for completing the administrative process towards enrollment and log-in. The data therein will be maintained in the strictest confidentiality. I nor any member of my staff will share your information with third parties. Your username and password will be utilized to access secure sections within my on-line school.

Overall, the Initial Assessment covers all of the four main language skills (listening, reading, speaking, and writing) while establishing a student-teacher relationship.

  • Begins with the most fundamental personal introduction question, promoting confidence in the student's answering ability while encouraging him or her to continue.
  • Allows the student to deliver geographical information in the form of an open-ended question while providing insight into the student's lexical ability in the target language.
  • Affords the student with the opportunity to exhibit his or her ability level to follow an exam question's grammar model.
  • Details data pertinent to possible language interference along with additional linguistic factors inhibiting language acquisition.
  • Measures lexical development with a focus on listening comprehension, as most students are unprepared to answer this question. Analytical or creative tendencies are evident upon answering.
  • Determines lexical and fluency development while furnishing insight into motivational possibilities for improved language growth.
  • Permits the student to express his or her interests in extracurricular goals through an open-ended question that secures diverse opportune discourses for future class discussion.

The Placement Test is administered by Eric Paul Monroe, Founder of Full Immersion Virtual Classroom to determine your proficiency in the target language and to recommend a course to you which is appropriate for your ability level. As we also provide instruction about time management, we strive to assure that you make wise use of your time. Given that one should not take a course which is too elementary, you should select a course which challenges you without being over-demanding. Likewise, one should also avoid taking a course that is too advanced, which leads to eventual frustration with course content.

To enroll in our classes, please select the appropriate course and session. Provide an alternate date when you sign up, in case your preferred start date is already full. We will verify your course selection and payment information within three business days and an e-mail confirmation will be sent with the following details:

  • Course Name
  • Date/ Location/ Times
  • Course Agenda
  • Required Classroom Materials

NOTE: Keep in mind that you should ensure that your course selections are appropriate for your learning needs. If you are uncertain what the appropriate courses are for you, contact your teacher. Before finalizing your decision, please obtain the consent of your instructor.

How to Open a Secure Chat Window

To initiate a secure text-based chat with Eric Paul Monroe, all you have to do is click on the chat icon at the bottom left-hand corner of your page, which launches an encrypted window on your teacher's browser that instantly opens and lets him know that you wish for him to help you. When he accepts, you can chat with him in real time. For further information, view the Contact page.