It. The most common opportunity to increase your vocabulary level in the target language.

Paraphrasing is an effective method which allows intermediate foreign language learners to increase their fluency in the target language. In the absence of a cultural interpretation, paraphrasing specific lexical terms facilitates comprehension between foreign language learners with multiple proficiency levels in addition to providing a beneficial mnemonic device that primes the learner for a more holistic definition.

first language
mother tongue

Something that erases.

a young dog

a young cat

Native Language Native Language The last native speaker of Wukchumni.
Eraser Eraser Forever obliterated.
Puppy Puppy Man’s best friend.
Kitten Kitten Hiding beside a single blade of grass.
White Wolf Pup Puppy Howling or barking at the moon?
Mother Tongue Native Language So maternal, it feels natural.
Kit Kitten Peering into another world.
RubberBr Eraser Football made much easier.
First Language Native Language What naturally comes easier to you.
Pussycat Kitten Has the cat got your tongue?
Whelping Puppy A litter at the chuckwagon.
Wipe Eraser Cleaning up spill after spill.
Wiper Blade Eraser It’s all about increasing visibility.
Wolf Cubs Puppy Apparently not freezing to death.
Pouncing on a jack o'lantern. Kitten You never see this predator coming.
Vernacular Architecture Native Language Whatever one happens to find locally.

Note: Students are encouraged to take notes throughout this section. Although the main idea is to focus on your teacher's voice, take advantage of the opportunity to improve your lexical development skills. Review, reorganize, and study your notes as much as your schedule allows.