Opposites Reviewed

Note: Take advantage of automatic recognition once you understand binary opposition.

Linear thinking promotes the ability to effectively contrast lexical terms, regardless of semantic difficulty. Regardless of context or proficiency level, opposites allow the foreign language learner to increase his or her vocabulary level twice as fast. Lexical gaps can thus, be quickly filled whether upon learning a new term or revisiting a previously visited expression. Isn’t instantaneous awareness and comprehension what you have always been looking for when learning a new language?

wake ≠ sleep
clean ≠ dirty
eat ≠ starve
mend ≠ break
put on ≠ take off
turn on ≠ turn off
stand up ≠ sit down
heat up ≠ cool down

write ≠ erase
remember ≠ forget
revise ≠ ignore
listen ≠ talk
jot down ≠ crumple up
classwork ≠ homework
attendance ≠ truancy
ace ≠ flunk

print ≠ shred
drive ≠ carpool
hire ≠ fire
sell ≠ purchase
manufacture ≠ demolish
negotiate ≠ refuse
on time ≠ delayed
advertise ≠ withhold

pray ≠ despair
praise ≠ blame
congregate ≠ scatter
sacrifice ≠ sin
miracle ≠ tribulation
blessing ≠ curse
please ≠ tempt
exalt ≠ damn

Note: Students are encouraged to take notes throughout this section. Although the main idea is to focus on your teacher's voice, take advantage of the opportunity to improve your lexical development skills. Review, reorganize, and study your notes as much as your schedule allows.