¿Dónde está el baño? 那个洗手间在什么地方?I'm going to go wash my hands.

Traditional dictionaries translate a given lexical term without relaying contextual or situational appropriateness. Contrastively, interpretation conveys an exact semantic idea culturally acceptable for a given instance. To reinforce this methodology, further explanation should accompany both languages. The novice should utilize their native language while at an advanced level, emphasis should be placed on producing clarifications in the target language.

el aire acondicionado


مكيف هواء

el calefactor



al frente


طليعة الصورة

al fondo


خلفية الصورة

Air Conditioner Air Conditioner Keeping you cool in torrid conditions.
Heater Heater Since fire and carpet don't mix.
Foreground Foreground Zooming in was never so easy.
Background Background What's keeping you away from here?
El aire acondicionado Aire Conditioner Do you have control of your remote?
El calefactor Heater You think you know what cold is.
Al frente Foreground Don't try to hit it with your forehead.
Al fondo Background A never-ending ocean of skyscrapers.
空调 Air Conditioner It's either this or ice-cream.
取暖器 Heater When hot water just isn't enough.
前景 Foreground Yes, the color of the sky is really blue.
背景 Background Told you so.
مكيف هواء Air Conditioner This will never point toward Mecca.
سخان Heater If the desert wasn't parched enough.
طليعة الصورة Foreground Good luck finding this secluded oasis.
خلفية الصورة Background How could this not be paradise?

Note: Students are encouraged to take notes throughout this section. Although the main idea is to focus on your teacher's voice, take advantage of the opportunity to improve your lexical development skills. Review, reorganize, and study your notes as much as your schedule allows.