A quick path toward memory retention.

A right-brain activity artistically provides a general meaning which facilitates an association between a pictorial concept and quite possibly a group of related lexical terms. The adage that a picture is worth a thousand words opens up a plethora of contextual vocabulary for describing quantity and quality, size and age, color and shape in addition to identifiers and qualifiers. An additional mnemonic device should accompany this methodology as short-term memory fades with celerity.

socioeconomic level



¼ (a quarter)
at a rate of
the at sign

Ampersand Logograms Why the 27th letter didn’t stick around.
Left Arrow Ideograms Looking backwards towards the origin.
Right Arrow Ideograms Looking forwards towards a solution.
Infinity Ideograms When the origin is forever a solution.
Plus Sign Logograms The cornerstone of capitalism.
Octothorpe Logograms Tic-Tac-Toe was never so fun: meow!
Delta Ideograms The spearhead of progress: change.
Therefore Ideograms A symbol so common, it's logical.
Minus Sign Logograms Why less is actually much more.
Tri-dimensional Objects Geometric Shapes The basis for vocabulary building.
Asterisk Logograms This little star has always corrected.
Because Ideograms This logical symbol looks back at you.
Loon Swimming Landscape A not so distant cousin to penguins.
Canoe Sketch Landscape Tranquility and happiness lie ahead.
Meadow Landscape Definitely worth the journey.
Dollar Sign Logograms Checks and balances? Thank you.

Note: Students are encouraged to take notes throughout this section. Although the main idea is to focus on your teacher's voice, take advantage of the opportunity to improve your lexical development skills. Review, reorganize, and study your notes as much as your schedule allows.