Anxious to get your money's worth? Why expect anything less?

  1. Review and refine your knowledge of English basics.
  2. Utilize comprehensive listening and reading skill builders.
  3. Develop complex syntax structures through the study of discrete grammar points.
  4. Practice difficult speech patterns through an interactive contextual discourse.
  5. Comprehend enigmatic reading passages by learning how to effectively retain vocabulary.
  6. Amplify your cultural awareness: recognize appropriate language applications.
  7. Broaden your peer network to a global perspective.

Courses are taught on demand while course lengths and costs are negotiable. To promote a conducive learning environment, each course should be composed of between one and three students. Before enrolling into any given course, I will take the liberty of formally assessing your proficiency in the target language and determine whether you are ready to cope with the corresponding curriculum. My decision is final, as I do it for your own good. Universal to all teaching methodologies is the concept of ( n+1 ).

Remember: Keep in mind that if you are reading this, I only invite highly motivated students to participate in my on-line school. From this point forward, all members have not only accepted my invitation, but also demonstrated an uncurbed motivation to continue their journey down the path towards mastery of another language and culture.