That ship has been moored o'er yonder going on the better part of three weeks now.

Hypothesizing appropriate lexical terminology in a given situation generally tends to render translational difficulties, unless the given context has been acquired through the target language. Whether through listening or reading comprehension, correct input is paramount and inestimable. In addition to morphemic information, the context provides insight into tone, mood, and reality, not unlike nonverbal communication.

flatter ≠ kid
full-time ≠ part-time
long-term ≠ short-term
highlight ≠ obscure

nonbureaucratic ≠ bureaucratic
revamped ≠ dilapidated
great ≠ grand
mnemonic ≠ forgetful

crystal ≠ quasicrystal
free-flowing traffic ≠ traffic jam
hefty ≠ gaunt
duo ≠ lone

united ≠ alienated
like ≠ else
statinsHMG-CoA reductase
boost ≠ hinder

Discoursal Exemplifications

Who are you trying to kid? You should certainly be considered as a part-time worker. Your professional career decision requires a minimum of forty hours a week on the job to be recognized as a full-time employee.

Research shows that the more the information is repeated or used, the more likely it is going to be retained in long-term memory.

It pays to check the other options to be sure of the right answer as there may be another answer that is stylistically superior, that fixes or improves upon the intended meaning, or that may highlight a grammar problem you did not see at first.

The specimen is a quasicrystal, a type of material that shatters the rules of crystallography by having an ordered — yet never-repeating — arrangement of atoms. The new find is only the third natural quasicrystal ever found and is the first discovered in nature before being synthesized in a lab, researchers report online December 8 in Scientific Reports.

Self-driving cars promise to transform roadways. There’d be fewer traffic accidents and jams, say proponents, and greater mobility for people who can’t operate a vehicle. The cars could fundamentally change the way we think about getting around.

Strong magnetic fields could help stem the flow of gas from a heavyweight star, leaving behind enough material to form hefty black holes, a new study suggests. A pair of such magnetic stars could be responsible for giving birth to the black hole duo that created recently detected gravitational waves, researchers report online December 1 in Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

"In the past, the state has successively taken on poverty, unemployment, education and physical health. But equally important now are domestic violence, alcoholism, depression and anxiety conditions, alienated youth, exam-mania and much else. These should become centre stage."

"All of the statins seem to have some risk reduction, although the findings are much more consistent for simvastatin and atorvastatin, meaning they consistently reduce the risk of Alzheimer's disease across men and women and across most race and ethnic groups," she said.

Some of the health benefits of sauerkraut include its ability to increase your digestive health, boost your circulation, protect your heart health, provide you with quick energy, stimulate your immune system, strengthen your bones, reduce your overall cholesterol levels, eliminate inflammation, protect against certain cancer, and even improve your vision and skin health.

Just kidding! Listening When the fine print matters most.
Bureaucratic Reading Better come back tomorrow.
Quasicrystal Science Not following a fractal pattern.
Alienated Health Innocent means you are not at fault.
Part-time Listening How to get out of paying benefits.
Dilapidated Reading Obliteration is always an option.
Traffic Jam Science Another healthy reason to walk.
Else Health Human beings have only two legs.
Long-term Listening An investment based on faith.
Grandchildren Reading The legacy of your kin survives you.
Statins Health The best selling pharmaceutical ever.
Highlight Listening Drawing your attention to importance.
Mnemonic Reading Facilitating visual remembrance.
Duo Science Us The Duo.
Boost Health When things are looking way up.

Note: Students are encouraged to take notes throughout this section. Although the main idea is to focus on your teacher's voice, take advantage of the opportunity to improve your lexical development skills. Review, reorganize, and study your notes as much as your schedule allows.