"I have been teaching on-line now for over twenty years and have built my on-line school by myself. My students generally surpass their expectations concerning the IELTS, TOEFL iBT as I strive to realize their academic and professional goals."

Born in Valdese, Burke County, North Carolina, United States of America, not unlike my father, I love the great outdoors. I am happiest around the people I love while camping, hiking, rappelling, canoeing, or just lying back and looking at star constellations during a clear night. My specializations include land navigation and orienteering, teaching Spanish and English to foreign language learners in addition to cross-cultural and nonverbal communication. Currently, I find myself teaching primarily on-line although I integrate my on-line school into my brick-and-mortar school in addition to my physical classrooms whenever feasible, as my virtual classrooms enable me to reach out to my current and previous outstanding students around the globe.

Beforehand, I spent about eleven years in total military service where I worked with and cross-trained different military units throughout Europe and Botswana, Africa, spending most of my time in Italy, Germany, and Spain. While serving in the US and abroad, I received emergency lifesaving training, enabling me to help, save, and sustain individuals in dire need. In addition to a love of life, I took the concepts of morality, discipline, tact, respect, and honor with me upon exiting active duty military service, values that I constantly implement into my classrooms.

I have been teaching the Spanish language since 1999 and started teaching English in 2000. I started teaching in the US and then had the opportunity to teach Spanish in Mexico thereafter. Later, I found myself teaching English as a foreign language in mainland China for almost six years with opportunities arising for me to also teach Spanish and basic Italian, ranging from kindergarten, elementary school, both junior and senior high school in addition to undergraduate and graduate level university students.

Moreover, I have been teaching on-line now for over two decades and have built my on-line school by myself. In my virtual classrooms, I utilize different teaching platforms, depending on course requirements and student demand. I integrate audio and video into my courses and offer both asynchronous and real-time classes for my students around the globe. I offer a large quantity of free content on my website, but the vast majority of my on-line school requires current enrollment. Students and teachers either interested in learning from me or working with me should view the Contact Me page.

My previous military and teaching experiences have given me the opportunity to have visited, worked and lived in over twenty-one countries. Multiculturalism has become such a part of me that once in a while, I have to question just who I am, having taken positive qualities from all the cultures that I have been exposed to. After having acquired a great depth of knowledge regarding cross-cultural and nonverbal communication, my hopes and wishes are to help and support my students, regardless of their geographic location, realizing their academic and professional goals with celerity.

My on-line school students generally surpass their expectations concerning the IELTS, TOEFL iBT, and other English proficiency examinations while my business students receive strategic professional training and consultation to successfully prepare them towards promotions in their current company, salary negotiation or finding and landing a better job position, usually in multinational corporations.

Learning a foreign language opens doors to a world of opportunityCaptivate a global audience through effective communication.