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Learn About The Days of The Week in English

Day Phonetic Transcription
slow speech/ fast speech
Monday [ ˈmʌ̃n.deɪ̯ ] [ ˈmʌ̃n.di ] The day of the Moon
Tuesday [ ˈtʰjuz.deɪ̯ ] [ ˈtʰjuz.di ] The day of Tyr
Wednesday [ ˈwɛ̃nz.deɪ̯ ] [ ˈwɛ̃nz.di ] The day of Odin
Thursday [ ˈθɜ˞z.deɪ̯ ] [ ˈθɜ˞z.di ] The day of Thor
Friday [ ˈfɹaɪ.deɪ̯ ] [ ˈfɹaɪ.di ] The day of Frigg
Saturday [ ˈsæt.tʰə˞ˌdeɪ̯ ] [ ˈsæʔ.ɚˌdi ] The day of Loki
Sunday [ ˈsʌ̃n.deɪ̯ ] [ ˈsʌ̃n.di ] The day of the Sun

NOTE: Germanic calendars were lunisolar in nature with the word month relating directly to the lunar cycle. Each year would begin on the first full moon after the winter solstice. Learn more about the days of the week in English.

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