Business English Introduction

Business English is more than just translating business vocabulary terms from a mother tongue to English. Where the English language is the medium of communication, business English comprises a sub-culture and every corporation, firm, and office makes up a micro-culture. Hence, idiomatic expressions in the realm of business range from a company's name to a mere object located in a specific office. English for Human Resources remains vital for hiring an international staff, outsourcing, and enabling native speakers with professional conduct. Meetings conducted in English allow for multinational corporations to do business effectively through utilizing a single culture to avoid confusion, embarrassment, and discrimination. Telephonic conversations in English are quite difficult for foreign language learners and the demands of an agressive business environment timidate all but advanced learners. While business phrasal verbs often require the necessary context for rapid acquisition, English business presentations and negotiations, on the other hand, require the foreign language learner to know the tentative audience in order to make proper preparations to either transfer the necessary knowledge and skills or reach a profitable compromise through the target language's culture.