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360 million

Spoken Everywhere

Learn from a trained native speaker while improving phonetic accuracy. Achieve listening comprehension by effectively understanding both old and new vocabulary. Write at a professional level for both academics and business. Always ace English language exams.

The World's Capital

If there was ever an example of a cultural melting pot, New York City is it.

Learn English


450 million

Spoken throughout 20 Countries

Obtain perfect Spanish grammar while learning to sound like a native speaker. Recognize all major spoken dialects and rapidly develop fluency in Spanish. Master Spanish composition while preparing yourself to utilize Spanish for business abroad or domestically.

¡Aprenda español!

El mundo está lleno de belleza. Nada más ha de salir a verla de vez en cuando.

Learn Spanish


1.4 billion

Largest Population Worldwide

Logically, Chinese is much easier than either English or Spanish. Learn how to read Chinese characters faster than pīnyīn and then how to type quickly in Chinese. Use tone to your advantage.
你还等什么? 学习汉语很有意思。


如果您没有时间,没关系。 我们将在这里等您。

Learn Chinese

How you should have learnt English the first time.

Assessment and Evaluation

While getting to know you better, I look for motivational factors to better help you learn language. I then conduct an overall evaluation of your proficiency level in the target language.

Learning Methodologies

Not unlike any other field of study, foreign language learners need to become proficient in the target language and thus would benefit from improved study skills. Learn what works and what doesn't.

Phonetic Knowledge

If you are concerned about not understanding or being understood by native speakers of English, take heed: most English learners are never exposed to authentic English for conversational communication.

Listening Comprehension

Now armed with a colossal understanding of phonological and phonetic rules for English, train yourself for a native English speaker's slow, normal, and fast rates of speech patterns.

Lexical Development

Apply pragmatic learning methodologies towards learning vocabulary faster while passing said vocabulary to long-term memory the first time. Recognize and understand new words instantly.

Intensive Speaking Practice

Absolutely dazzle language proficiency examiners with unparalleled knowledge, confidence, and fluency in English. Implement perfect pronunciation, vocabulary building skills, and test strategies.

Learning a foreign language opens doors to a world of opportunityCaptivate a global audience through effective communication.

A foreign language learning experience like no other.

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