About Eric Paul Monroe

Born in Valdese, Burke County, North Carolina, United States of America, not unlike my father, I love the great outdoors. I am happiest around the people I love while camping, hiking, rappelling, canoeing, or just lying back and looking at star constellations during a clear night. My specializations include land navigation and orienteering, teaching Spanish and English to foreign language learners in addition to cross-cultural and nonverbal communication. Currently, I find myself teaching primarily on-line although I integrate my on-line school into my physical classrooms whenever feasible, as my virtual classrooms enable me to reach out to my current and previous outstanding students around the globe.

Pride and Prejudice

Virtual ClassroomWatch the movie before reading the book then give a review of your experience before, during, and after watching this classic. Which character did you most relate to? Be sure to explain the title of the novel, citing specific examples from the film.

  • Compose between five and eight sentences.
  • Two revisions allowed in a week’s span.